2024 Employer Branding
Priorities & Budget

Cliquify’s annual study to help shape key priorities, challenges, budgets, and tools for Employer Branding Practitioners worldwide.

Cliquify conducted the second annual research study to understand what employer branding practitioners are focused on in 2024.

Over 66 enterprises worldwide participated in the study.
42% of the survey participants have over 10,000 employees. 71% of the participants are in employer branding roles, 21% in talent acquisition, and the rest in HR.

The survey addresses key questions for employer branding practitioners such as:

What are my peers prioritizing in 2024?

What are the key challenges my peers are struggling with?

How are my peers measuring success and proving the value of their work with business leaders?

What is the annual spend and how are the budgets shaping in 2024?

How happy are my peers with the tools/technology stack?

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“Priority tends to be placed on filling hiring needs, which are high volume so EB work sometimes becomes lower priority due to resources”

Industry: Director, TA Marketing and Advertising

Company size: Over 10,000 employees